Misr Elhegaz Group

Misr Elhegaz group of companies consider the oldest and largest leading plastics manufacturer in middle east and Africa.

The group established in 1982 to meet the increased demand of high quality plastic products in both local and regional markets.

 Since that time the group continued to expand its factories covering different applications of plastics industries, moreover it become one of the pioneers in producing the raw materials used in plastic production

Misr Elhegaz currently owned 13 factories in more than 200000 SQM located  in 10th of Ramadan industrial area in Egypt.

All factories are equipped with the latest German technology and machinery to guarantee the highest level of quality products served by professional team to our valuable customers

Misr Elhegaz Group

encompass the following companies:

  • Misr Elhegaz Co. For Vinyl Compound and Packing Materials
  • Misr Elhegaz Co. For Pipes and Plastic Products
  • Misr Elhegaz Co. For Pipe Fittings and Plastic Products
  • Misr Elhegaz Co. For Plastic and master Batch
  • Misr Elhegaz Co. For Polyethylene PIPES and Fittings
  • El-Allamia for Plasticizers and Solvents
  • Middle East for Calcium Carbonate Industries
  • Middle East Co. for Trade & Distribution


Hertiage & Expertise

Misr Elhegaz Group has a long heritage and has been serving customers and playing a part in communities for more than 34 years.

Our products and services meet current and future needs. Our strong relationships with our business partners and customers, coupled with the deep expertise of our people, builds trust and certainty



Providing our partners with distinctive products , reliable services, excellence in quality through complying with both international and local standards. Reaching our objectives of investments perfection in human resources and advanced technology while maintaining safe and environmentally sound practices.



To be a leading regional manufacturer  of Plastic & Petrochemicals.


  • Seeking finest customer satisfaction.
  • Innovative products with top class quality.
  • Integrity and righteousness.
  • Serving great team work spirit that contributes in developing and planting human ethics and values.
  • Employee satisfaction.